Taxotere or Doexta is the most prescribed anti-cancer chemotherapy drug on the market due to its ability to interfere with the growth and spread of cancer cells in the body. It has been approved to treat breast cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, advanced stomach cancer, head and neck cancer, and metastatic prostate cancer. Most people lose all of their hair about two weeks after the first treatment but, unlike the regrowth after other types of chemo, it can be permanent.

Over 8,500 Taxotere lawsuits have been filed in a mounting federal litigation. The allegations against the maker of the drug, Sanofi-Aventis are as follows:

Fraudulent concealment
Failure to warn
Fraudulent misrepresentation
Design and manufacturing defects
Breach of express warranty
Intentional infliction of emotional distress
Violation of customer protection law
Manufacturer History
There was a study produced in the late 1990’s by GEICAM 9850 that followed over 5,000 women over a 5-year period who had breast cancer and used Taxotere. The goal of the study was to test long-term survival rate but it also revealed the appalling side effect. It found that almost 10% of women who were a part of the study suffered from everlasting alopecia.

Instead of coming forward with the results, Sanofi withheld them from United States Healthcare providers and their patients. They continued to promise hair regrowth and issued a very elusive nonspecific warning.

What Can We Do?
It is your right to be informed by manufacturers of the long-term risks associated with medication and it is their responsibility to provide it. Many women have been traumatized living a new life with alopecia and are seeking justice with our assistance. If you or someone you know has had this same experience, please call our law office for a free and confidential consultation today

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